I always start journals and then end up forgetting about them or just getting too busy to update often. I stopped writing in my livejournal when I moved to VA, so it's been about three months and I actually kinda miss just rambling.

This is my first time working with wordpress.com so I'll have to see if I like the way these settings go. If I end up hating it I'll probably disappear again for a few months LOL.

So, what have I been up to lately?

A lot of working. I'm still taking care of the debt collection for a music store back in Michigan, and I'm also working at a hotel here in VA. It's a good chance to get out of the apartment and meet people and just have a good time. We definetely have some interesting "guests" there and although I've only been there a few weeks, there's plenty of stories to tell.

For awhile Dave and I were going on a lot of walks – but lately our schedules have been opposite and when we have had a day off together we've done errands and then ended up crashing and taking a nap, lol! Sleep is good!

I figured since I don't usually have a ton of good ideas on what to blog about I'd have to borrow some thoughts from other blogs I visit. I was just browsing over Ali Edward's blog (http://www.aliedwards.typepad.com/) and her latest post asks "what is your happiness today?" Happiness is overrated sleep.

What is your happiness today?"

Dave and Megan at Busch Gardens 

A pic of us at Busch Gardens 

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