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Road Trip back to Michigan

Dave and I ended up going back home with the idea of seeing family – originally we were going for Mal's graduation party, but then with the day after her party being Father's Day and therefore a 'no request off' day for Dave in the restuarant we assumed we wouldn't be going.

We left Tuesday night around 11pm. I ended up getting car sick and getting stuck driving through mad fog at 3 in the morning … and was basically miserable the entire ride. We got to the hotel sometime around noon or 1. I can't even remember – I just know we crawled in to bed and crashed until dinner time.

After we woke up, we were then able to hang out with Dan and Christina for awhile. It was nice catching up and having Olga's (no Olga's around here – it's a shame, lol, we miss it!) and getting ice cream and walking around Plymouth.

I don't care how nice people say the build ups in Canton and Plymouth are, it's not Virginia by any stretch. We stayed right near the new IKEA in Canton – whoa, what a crazy place. They had the road blocked at times to let the masses of people cross the street. I'd like to go to IKEA sometime, but I'm not putting up with a crowd of people like that when I have no real purpose of shopping there right now.

End that side note, lol, we were able to visit with Dave's grandma a couple times and basically get used to being back in Dearborn. I spent a good part of Thursday evening with my parents, which was nice – they weren't as pissy as I'd orginially thought they'd be.

So, anyways, we checked out Friday morning expecting to leave Friday to go back home, but then we found out he didn't have to work until Sunday afternoon … instead of checking back in, he crashed at his mom's and I stayed at my house. It was good to see my sister, we were able to get a bit of shopping in ;).

Saturday we were able to stay long enough to be at Mal's party – nothing too exciting, but it was good to see some of my extended family since I don't know when I'll be able to see them again. It was good Dave was there and able to throw a football around with a few of the boys. One of the kids just lost his father a couple weeks ago and Mal had been nervous about how he would be around the group with out his Dad there. But all went well and I even got a few pictures. πŸ™‚


Aw, isn't she beautiful? πŸ˜‰

I'm short … and I wish I could blame it on her having high heels on, but she was wearing flip flops. πŸ˜›

Oh, oh, oh – and I got pulled over for the first time ever! By a state of Virginia cop/sheriff/whatever. And I didn't even get a ticket!! πŸ˜€ phew! lol
Oh … and ps: Did you know you can bid on an image of Jesus on a pregnancy test? Thought you might enjoy that one. haha.

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