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No Bake Cookies

random pic of cookies from Internet because I didn’t think to take one myself.

So I decided to be all Martha Stewart and make no-bake cookies last night (Actually, the idea came to my head a few days ago so I had picked up the ingredients that we didn’t already have at the grocery store already ;)) But anyways, thanks to a quick “help me!” instant message to my sister (luckily she was on-line) we know have no bake cookies to eat! yay and yum!

After being lazy for an hour and knowing that I couldn’t get on the computer at work, and Dave didn’t have to be to work until two (and there was no rain) his morning we walked to the beach and enjoyed the bay for a bit.  Unfortunately, someone didn’t feel like going in far (and that someone wasn’t me) but we still had a fun time … and hated the walk back, lol.  Next time I’m bringing chairs though… and we’re going earlier so we can stay longer.

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