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How many pairs of socks does one boy need?

Someone at the store in Michigan turned off my computer for the weekend, so I’m unable to log in and work today …

So I have *NO* excuse not to clean.

I am actually enjoying it – yesterday I did two loads of laundry, so I threw in the rest along with the regular sheets. I guess after that I’ll wash the blankets (it’s too hot to have a ‘normal’ comforter, so we just use a couple thicker blankets for when the air gets the bedroom too cold). Anyways, so yeah, that’ll just take a few minutes on and off for the afternoon. I straightened up the bottom of one of the closets – I’m throwing out my typewriter and four pairs of shoes from there – and an empty box that’s been there since February. I started straightening up the bedroom closet – it’s a walk in and for the past couple weeks a box full of hangers has just been hanging out. So I threw out the crappy ones and hung up the rest – that helped make it look better. Of course I also pulled out ALL the socks that have been in the closet. We don’t have a dresser right now, so I keep my undies on a top shelf in the closet, and there’s a box for Dave’s socks down lower – holy crap, I knew there was a lot, but we’re talking *four* packages of brand new socks plus fifty million pairs of unpackaged. Think he’ll notice if I toss some?? Kidding, I’d never throw out his stuff. (except for the holey ones) Though if it gets much worse I’ll try and convince him to just throw a couple packages in the donation bag. And that’s not counting the forty million pairs of boxers …. I also looked at all the paperwork crap that’s sitting down there, eventually I’ll get a shredder and all that stuff will disappear – but for now it’s not bad. My ‘greatest’ accomplishment of the day was moving Dave’s sketch table to the closet. We just don’t have the room for it to be set up right now so it’s been sitting (unassembled) in the kitchen and I’m annoyed each day I see it. So, I pulled the clothes back and threw it in there. Now it’s nice and unnoticable! 🙂 YAY!

Now I need to list a bunch of clothes on ebay (already put two big garbage bag full of clothes to donate to CHKD). The clothes I’m going to list are all the brand name stuff we just don’t wear anymore. If it sells, it sells, if not I’ll just donate that too. I like watching ebay auctions so it’ll give me something to ‘update’ every time I walk by the computer. We’ll see if anything goes for over $.99. 😉

Okay, back to my cleaning/decluttering! Have a great day!! 🙂

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