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The best things in life aren’t things

a list of wonders to warm your heart and lift your spirits

(Joann Davis)

  1. The feel of grass tickling your toes.

  2. Coming home.

  3. Singing in the shower.

  4. Spotting a firefly in summer.

  5. Dancing until dawn.

  6. Catching raindrops with your tongue.

  7. Holding a baby kitten.

  8. Running into an old friend.

  9. Reading a love letter.

  10. Writing a love letter.

  11. Walking down a country road.

  12. Finding the perfect gift for someone you love.

  13. Turning on the radio and hearing “our song.”

  14. The smell of fresh-baked bread.

  15. Hearing the sound of the key in the lock so you can go to sleep after waiting up.

  16. Seeing a splash of color in the sky at sunset.

  17. A sleeping baby.

  18. The chatter of a babbling brook.

  19. Holding hands.

  20. Collecting seashells.

  21. Lunching with a friend.

  22. Taking a nap.

  23. Counting a baby’s toes.

  24. The smell of morning coffee.

  25. Snuggling on a cold night.

  26. Finding old photos in the attic.

  27. Climbing into a bed with clean sheets.

  28. Eating vegetables from your own garden.

  29. Scoring the winning run.

  30. Listening to the voices of a children’s choir.

  31. Daydreaming.

  32. The fresh morning dew on the grass.

  33. Belly laughing.

  34. Smelling flowers in bloom.

  35. Finding peace of mind.

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