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really random stuff

I don’t know what’s better -sweet tea from Sonic, or coke with cherry syrup from Sonic …mmm… I heart their ice. Did you know you can buy ice from Sonic? I’m about to start buying frozen water just because it makes drinks taste better … What has this world come to? 😛

Yesterday my paycheck arrived via express mail … I love getting it that way – it’s guaranteed by noon! 🙂 The post office guy looked like hot (as in over-heated ;)), I offered him some water and I think I caught him off guard! He gladly accepted and I’ve never seen anyone down water that fast!

I dropped Dave off at work about noon today, stopped by the library and picked up books and ran through Sonic’s drive-thru for a drink. Now I’m finishing up our ebay auctions – I listed 13 last night, I think I have at least that many left to go, but at least this stuff will get out of the apartment. One way or the other, it’ll be gone in a week! Two auctions already have watchers, another has a bid already! All within less than 24 hours. Whoohoo! So at the library I was able to grab a couple versions of Fish! books. My aunt had me read one of them awhile ago, and I remember watching the video when I was with Godiva – now Dave wants to read them over. They also had Wimbledon on DVD. I remember seeing it in the theater, but I figure it’s a good enough movie to watch over again (for free, no less!). I also got Believing God by Beth Moore. I think I’m most excited to start that. I figure since I haven’t gone to church in forever, the least I can do is become more spiritual through books. Though, I do think I’ll actually try the CRC in Norfolk tomorrow … maybe.

Dishes are done, now if I can just get through the rest of the living room I’ll be happy and able to start on working! 🙂
I start Monday at Starbucks – I think I need to look for some new clothes for that, maybe I’ll drag Dave out for a bit tonight after he’s done with work, depending on how late he’s there though … stores will probably be closed.

Netflix is starting to suck … so I think when this month is up I’ll switch to Blockbuster online … I hate to lose my queue and everything, but it’s taking forever for movies to get to me and they should only be coming from Richmond!

We should start keeping track of all the license plates we see around here, it must be partly because of the touristy stuff but also because of all the military here … yesterday I saw New York, Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota and Washington … and of course VA. 😉

It’s cold here – it’s barely 80 and I’m complaining.  Dave said that makes me officially a local.  haha.  Wednesday it was just about 100 and going in to the ocean was really refreshing.  Today though, you couldn’t pay me to go in the water, lol – but there’s still plenty of people there.  I drove by some people out on the Bay and they seemed to be enjoying it … but it’s COLD! (nothing like MI ;))

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