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Fabulous Day!

Yesterday we had the best day. We had decided we’d head to Williamsburg and go to the outlet stores there just to get out of VA Beach for awhile so we left the apartment about 10:15 and ended up not getting back for another 11-12 hours. It was a long day. But a good one.

We stopped for breakfast/lunch when we first got off the freeway, and hit a few stores. Our main goals were to hit Prime Outlets and the Yankee Candle shop. We drove through the outlets and decided to go there on the way out since there weren’t any stores that we just ‘had to see’ (We were mainly looking for new bedding and knew there was a big linen outlet somewhere around there). We went to the Williamsburg General Store – so my type of store ;). We also drove in to the parking lot of *the* Yankee Candle store … oh wow, it was huge. But I knew that I’d end up candles and I didn’t want to risk them melting while we walked around any other places so we figured we’d do that on the way out of town.

Even though we weren’t planning on it, we went to the Williamsbug Visitor’s Center (mainly for a map of the area). We looked it over and decided to definitely come back another day because it looked fun, but it was already early afternoon and we wanted to actually make a day of it – we didn’t want to spend the money on a day pass only to use it for a few hours (I am a major planner lol). Anyways, we walked back to the car and started driving away, thinking we’d hit the outlets/Yankee and then go back home. But … we passed part of a walkway that Dave said looked nice, I realized it was the walkway to the ‘historical’ part of Williamsburg … so … lol, we turned around and went back to the vistori’s center. We parked and walked. in the heat. it was hot. But we had fun. We didn’t realize just to walk around “Colonial Williamsburg” you don’t have to pay anything – it’s just to go in to the buildings and go on the tour (not really our thing anyways), we decided to walk around Williamsburg

me, already hot 

We passed by some itty bitty birds in the tree, so had to take a picture. 

So after convincing myself I was going to die of thirst we spent $2 on a bottle of water (best $2 ever spent lol) and $1 on a cup of lemonade (really good but made me more thirsty) and sat to look at the map. And then I realized it, we were amidst all the historical buildings, but just a little bit further … SHOPS! (And better yet, they were air conditioned!) They had a Barnes and Noble college store (forgot to mention Williamsburg is William and Mary‘s “college town”) and a bunch of fun stores – candy, household goods, tons of stuff to spend time (and money on). When were done walking around in that area we headed back to Barnes and Noble and got drinks at a crappy (imho) BN cafe (remembered to buy a bottle of water and threw that in my purse for the walk back) and trekked it back to the car. Along the bridge to the visitor center we had a home-schooling lesson where we announced the little plaques that are on the ground (when you’re walking from the center to Colonial Williamsburg you can read little time related events (i.e, the year is xxxx, you have no religious freedoms)) On the way from Colonial Williamsburg to the center they list famous people:

go Dearborn!
Amazingly we didn’t get too incredibly sweaty, but still felt gross until we got in the air-conditioned car.

Dave getting ready for more shopping and driving
We drove and found the linens store (just down the street from Yankee Candle). We got new sheets and a bedspread (I can’t wait for the new bed to finally get here!!), then went to:

You don’t understand this place until you’ve been there. It’s amazing! Not only does it have a ton of candles (obviously) but there’s a Christmas store, a cafe and a huge section of home goods – it’s HUGE and so much fun to be at. Of course, I got a bunch of candles :o).

We then decided it was finally time to head home.

I was bored, so I took pictures of the water and ships on our way across the HRBT.

And going in to the tunnel part.

We realized we were hungry, so we passed our exit and went to Greenbrier Mall since we’d never been there. The only reason I knew how to get there was because I had that day of training at Starbucks across the street. So, we ate dinner and then walked around the mall until closing. We found a cute candle holder at Hallmark – it holds 5 votives and I’m hoping will look perfect on the new dresser, but I’ll double check when it’s all delivered.

And today, I’ve worked for awhile, gone out to lunch, taken Dave to work and now I’m going to clean up the apartment some. We spent a little bit cleaning the stove today – it was brand new when we moved in, but after one to many spills under the burners it was time for some elbow grease. Yay for clean stoves! 😉

I changed the format of my blog today, and I’m not sure I like. My header is now a portion of a picture of roses Dave gave to me, and while the roses were beautiful, I’m debating if I love the look of them with this format …. hm.

On to clean and finish up some paperwork!

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