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a tiny update and survey

It’s been a crazy month or so for me. In a good way though – I’m really enjoying life and not letting myself get “down” about stuff like I used to. It’s just one day at a time, some are better than others, but most are pretty good. =)

Last week I went to Albion with Kelly and Andrew for their annual “barn party” it was a crazy night, of course I barely slept – and what sleep I did get was in a car but it was an awesome night filled with lots of fun people.

The past couple weekends Gail and I have spent at scrapbooking events – the first was the Stamp Scrap Art Tour in Southfield, followed by a huge expo in Novi. Of course I spent too much money but we had such a great time oogling all the new (and old!) products, designs and ideas.

Went out with my mom yesterday – got a few new shirts (of course, a couple long sleeved because even when it’s hot outside, we keep the a/c cranked up inside at work) and stopped by a book store that I hadn’t been to before. They had a ton of magazines- more than BN or Borders usually has, so I picked up a new scrapbooking one and of course a girly one too. =)

Also got an amazing hair cut a couple days ago. It had been awhile since I went to the salon, so it was nice to get a “style” instead of “just a trim.” haha.

Yay for amazing days/weeks/months.

I’d like to try and keep this journal updated a bit more. I also slacked off on my personal handwritten journal, but I’ll get back with it!

Oh, and completely random but I’m loving those Crystal Light To Go things … lemonade! yay!

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