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See Jenna run (from Self magazine)

And cook and do crunches and organize her closet. Actress Jenna Fischer adopts some healthy habits (or tries!).
By Erin Bried
From the Self February 2009 Issue

Jenna Fischer knows a thing or two about taking on new challenges. Twelve years ago, she piled all of her stuff (plus her cat, Andy) into her Mazda 323 hatchback and drove 1,800 miles from St. Louis to Hollywood to try to make it in show business. “I’d go home at Christmas and say I was an actor, and everyone would be like, ‘Well, what have I seen you in?’ And I’d say, ‘Did you see Teacher #2 in this TV show that aired once?'” Despite her slow start, Fischer persevered, and in 2005, she landed her breakout role, receptionist Pam Beesly on The Office. Suddenly a star, Fischer asked her publicist for three things: She’d like to (1) appear on Celebrity Poker Showdown, (2) get a picture of Andy in a tabloid and (3) land the cover of The Pet Press, a free monthly in Los Angeles. “I’ve found I’m more likely to meet my goals if they’re realistic,” she says in classic Dunder Mifflin deadpan. Still, when SELF dared the 34-year-old Emmy nominee to make a few healthy changes in her jam-packed life, she didn’t just go for the softballs: “I tried to pick a few that were easy, a few that were hard and a few that were up in the air,” she says. How did it go (besides hilariously)? We’ll let her tell you.

Jenna’s new healthy habits

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