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“Go Green” List

– Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store

– Go green in style

– Skip the fast food and waste it creates. Your waistline and bank account will thank you too!

– Instead of 100 calorie packs, just buy a box or container and divide it up in to reusable Tupperware like storage

Click here for great household cleaning recipes

– Run all your errands at once. You’ll save gas and probably money.

– Look in to safer solutions for keeping your pets healthy by visiting greenpaws.org

– Pick up a Thermos or soup container instead of buying individual use ones. Mine even has a spoon included in the top – perfect for traveling and work!

Work for the environment

– Must read magazines? Check out their websites first. If you feel the need to buy, split a subscription with a friend or pass your old ones on to schools/hospitals/libraries.

– Plugged up drain? Use a handful of baking soda 1/2 glassful of vinegar (Dump the baking soda into the drain; Pour in the vinegar; Plug the drain immediately to drive the carbon dioxide down the pipe. Keep the plug in until the fizzing stops.; Run hot water down the drain to clear the pipes completely.)


– Save energy by unplugging ALL things you aren’t using – that includes your cell phone charger, space heater, window air conditioner, fan, radio, tv. Everything that’s plugged in pulls power.

Reduce your carbon footprint

– Plant a garden.

– Carpool or ride your bike to work. If you’re lucky enough to live close, walk.

– Stop receiving catalogs you don’t need by visiting Catalog Choice and/or calling the toll free number on catalogs to unsubscribe.


– Skip commercial air fresheners and use natural methods – utilize baking soda, open the windows.

Promote a cause

– Use a clothesline instead of a dryer for your clothes.

– Quit buying 20oz bottles of water! Get a water bottle and keep refilling it.

– Cleaning your house? Use environmentally friendly brands like Seventh Generation or Method

– Find a Farmer’s Market or community supported agriculture (CSA) in your area for fresh products

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