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day 2

I’m finding I don’t mind eating more healthy and I’m actually a bit surprised when I look up nutrition facts on some of my favorite foods.

Yesterday I met Charlotte at COSI for dinner. I looked up the points of what I usually get and it was a whopping 15 points! (I’m only “allowed” 24 a day). I ended up reducing that to about half by getting a hummus + veggie sandwich instead. It was still great tasting (ok, a bit oniony) and filled me up – and it left me with extra points for my late night snacking.

Tonight we’re going to Bdubs … I usually get buffalitos so I’ll make sure to get nothing on the side (unless I stick with celery sticks) and only one beer instead of a few … this might be kinda easy! (famous last words hehe).

I’ve also changed my pop habit to diet or water (no more full calorie Mountain Dews! boo!)

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