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quick updates

Last weekend we walked around the Green Street Fair in Plymouth.
green street fairI love walking around fairs – seeing new things, and was especially excited to be at this one, full of people with reusable bags and walking their dogs around on a beautiful day! Can’t wait to go back next year! 🙂

I’ve worked for the past three Saturdays, while I like having a day off during the week I’ve really missed my weekends off. Only one day of sleeping in doesn’t cut it for me!

Weight Watchers – eh, I’m horrible at tracking. I’d love to say I’ve lost 2 pounds a week but I haven’t (I haven’t gained either though, that has to count for something!) I did restart kickboxing last week – it’s a workout and a half and makes me sore for days but I enjoy it. We have another class tonight. Hopefully the calories burned off will show me some results at weigh in on Wednesday.

I picked up pink eye sometime last week and I was unable to go to the Dove Chocolate Party. I’d say that’s a good thing – but the demonstrator happens to be good friends with Jeremy so she stopped by with some chocolate goodies. I ended up ordering a fondue set.
this except in a baby blue color.

I bought a print from JavaJaneDesigns on etsy. I used our last name and then had the year my parents were married put on the line below it. I was able to pick up a frame at Michaels for 40% and put it in. My mom loved it. It was something different than the usual clothes or giftcards we usually give her on Mother’s Day. (Bonus: The artist is from West Michigan!)

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  1. May 11, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Unrelated to your post, but I was in a cranky mood today! When I got home and checked my reader for blog posts, your blog came up. I was instantly reminded of your positive outlook and that helped lift me out of my crankiness! (Well, that and a nap…the two were helpful!)

    Thanks for being in my reader today!

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