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I don’t usually post pictures here (I tend to keep them on facebook) but I figured I’d go ahead and share some from our trip to Seattle. We went during the hottest heat wave Seattle’s ever seen and I’d like it noted that NO ONE IN SEATTLE HAS AIR CONDITIONING. I have never sweated that much in my life. Ok, grossness aside, we had a great time.

We flew out of Detroit Wednesday and arrived in Seattle in the early afternoon. Jeremy’s parents had flown in a few hours earlier, so they had already explored the market a bit. We decided to go ahead and head to the house where we’d be staying and hang out with his family for most of the day. There were a ton of people staying at the house so we ended up sleeping outside. Turns out, we had the coolest place in the house. The first couple nights we took a fan out there, but luckily it ended up cooling off enough at night we didn’t need it all the time.

(“Our room”)

Jeremy and I made sure to pack Settlers of Catan. We became sort of addicted awhile back and it’s always a blast to play it with a group of people. Unfortunately you need three-four people to play it so Jeremy and I are always willing to convert couples to play. We ended up playing it every night. (Sidenote: after we were back to Detroit we bought an expansion pack so we can play just the two of us. We played twice last night … and I won both times ;))

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

The first morning we woke up pretty early since we were a few hours off. The time change really worked to our advantage though. We took three of his cousins to the zoo. It was a great zoo. We were there when it opened and there were very few visitors. Most of it was very shaded too so that helped out with the heat.

We became quite good at the bus system. There’s a bus stop at the top of a (quite steep) hill near his aunt’s house so each day we would catch a bus there to get to downtown Seattle. I was a tourist and kept my guidebook with me at all times.

fish throwing in Seattle
Here’s where they throw the fish.

pike place market

pike place market
I wanted a $5 bouquet so bad! There was no point in getting one since we were 2000 miles away from home but they were so beautiful – and SO CHEAP!

We also made it to the Seattle Aquarium one day.
arm in the water
Notice who is the only person to stick their hand in the water. 😉

Another day we went to the Experience Music Project, home of the Science Fiction Museum… this was the Jeremy’s highlight of the trip. Unfortunately, they don’t allow pictures inside. I got a picture of the tower of guitars and that was all.

Sunday we went on a cruise/tour with most of his family. I ended up getting sick by the end of it. The heat with the water just didn’t mix well for me.

And that was that … we were home Monday night … awesome vacation! I’d love to go back soon. (Hopefully the weather will be cooler).

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