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Life Interrupted

Take a couple minutes to read Life Interrupted by Annette Handley Chandler.

A late model Dodge Durango has been parked in front of our house for a couple of weeks now. My husband and I live on a short, narrow street in the historical section of Sag Harbor. I have a general disdain of SUVs for obvious, gas-guzzling reasons. I assume their drivers are hoggy, inconsiderate, and motivated by self-entitlement. I rarely admit that I used to own one and loved it. But now, like a reformed smoker (I used to do that too) who hates cigarettes (the worst kind) I have turned on SUVs and their owners with self-satisfied, self-righteous indignation. But my nasty feelings for this particular Durango have more to do with the space it has been claiming on our street.

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