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I’m back! First post of 2010.


In case you haven’t noticed, I silently stopped posting to my blog back in November – with the holiday season, work, life, et cetera I had too much to do and not enough time to think about blogging. I still kept semi-current on my favorite blogs (I couldn’t stop checking my favorite deal blogs!) but I haven’t actually logged in to my wordpress account other than to make my blog private (didn’t want to deal with spammers ruling it!) and a quick cute Happy Thanksgiving icon.

I had a great holiday season – no real complaints from me. We had many family parties for Thanksgiving and Christmas – our last and final one was actually just two days ago. I think I’ll take down the Christmas tree tonight even though I don’t want to – I’ve enjoyed the soft light it gives off. I enjoyed taking the 2009 calender off the wall and starting with a fresh, clean year though.

We started off the year (January 3) by waking up to no water. If you know me in real life, you know I’m usually grumpy in the morning – but even grumpier with no shower. We had to drive to Jeremy’s parents (~2 hours) and get ready there before seeing family. It ended up taking an extra day to get the water situation fixed because there was a water main break nearby us at the same time our pipes froze – at first the plumbers were under the impression our water didn’t work because of the water main. They were actually talking about having the county tear up the lawn in order to fix the problem!! Luckily we had some fantastic Oakland County employees out and they confirmed that all we had were frozen pipes. Another trip out from the plumber and I could flush the toliet again! (Did I mention I actually went to Target just to use their bathroom and didn’t even buy anything??) Right now we have to keep our faucets on a slow drip in order to prevent them from freezing again until we have the pipes re-insulated tomorrow. I suppose it’s better to be wasting the water right now than wasting money in having frozen pipes – though that’s not very green of me to say.

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