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Target 02/11/10

This was a quick trip since we were out anyways and I needed face wash. The savings seem good because most items were free.

I did realize I have a mental block to spending money now – I didn’t pick up a magazine because I didn’t want to double the amount I was spending!

I’m going to end up with a lot of Boca Burgers in the next few weeks – I received my party package from House Party and it included tons of coupons for free product to host the party. The only problem is each coupon says one per person, per transaction and I don’t go shopping that often. I had Jeremy do a separate transaction behind me for another box.

Golden Double Stuff Oreos: $2.99
Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper $1.57 SALE $.89
Boca Burgers $3.94
Cetaphil $5.49 SALE $4.94
Satin Care Shaving Lotion $.99
Satin Care Shaving Lotion $.99

– $1.00 Satin Care
– $1.00 Satin Care
– Free Golden Double Stuff Oreos (Facebook)
– Free Boca Burgers (Boca Surprise House Party)
– $2.00 Cetaphil

+ Bottle Deposit + Tax

= Spent $4.33 (Saved: $12.16)

(I used a giftcard from a previous deal so really it felt like spending $0)

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