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computer not turning on?

My poor laptop finally bit the dust…

Or so I thought.

Right now we have a graveyard of computers – two Dell desktops are sitting unused in our second bedroom/office/scrapbooking room. One won’t even power up properly and the other can’t connect to the internet. We’ve been surviving off my old (2001-ish) laptop which has been fine because it’s nice to be able to have one of us on the laptop and the other watching tv or playing video games (that’s him, not me). But when we went to turn the poor old thing on a few days ago it wouldn’t turn on. 😦 I figured it had just crashed and burned and was no more, but upon further inspection I discovered it appers it’s just the cable going from the a/c adaptor to the computer (the battery can’t hold a charge, so though it’s a laptop, it’s not really anymore).

I went to dell.com via my cell phone and discovered they still do make ac adapters – for $66 + shipping.

Uh, you can get new computers for $300-400 (if you’re cheap like me and don’t care about the fancy widgets).

But … searching amazon today at work I discovered ac adapters on a great sites called Amazon 😉 for only $12! I spent more in overnight shipping than I did on the actual adapter itself.

Hopefully I’ll be back to my own computer in no time.

Still keeping an eye out for a fantabulous deal on a new one though.

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