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Blogging again

I think I’m going to try and blog on a regular basis again – even if it’s just a favorite quote or thought of the day.

Last night we created a facebook page for the dog because we’re dorks like that. I hope he doesn’t end up with more friends than me. That would just be sad.

There was also plenty of wine drinking. We used to open a couple bottles every week or at least every couple weeks but it’s been months since we did that – it was a great throwback to how we were.

After sleeping in (darn wine headaches!) we didn’t do much of anything – I was hoping to get more work done outside but the weather wasn’t exactly working with us. We did run to Target but didn’t get anything special. Tonight Jeremy went to see Hot Tub Time Machine but I decided to stay home to read and clean – I’ve finished Handle with Care and Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter. Both were worth the read – a lot of people don’t like Jodi Picoult but I’m a fan.

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